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                                                                                                            Bill Kreitzer developed a unique patented                                                                                                                        Product called a VermiPod™ Encapsulated                                                                                                                     Earthworm Cocoon™ VermiPod, Inc. (VPI)                                                                                                                       developed VermiPods Cocoons™) to serve as a                                                                                                              natural means of enriching the soil.                                                                                                                                   VermiPods™ are protected with a                                                                                                                                       proprietary coating technology that                                                                                                                                  embryos. This revolutionary, eco-friendly                                                                                                                         method for reintroducing earthworms back

                                                                                                            into the soil significantly reduces the depen-

                                                                                                            dence on costly commercial fertilizers. The                                                                                                                     VermiPod™ Encapsulated Earthworm                                                                                                                               Cocoon™ significantly contributes to the                                                                                                                         “Green Movement”, which is highly valued by                                                                                                               environmentalists, farmers, horticulturists,                                                                                                                   floriculturists and consumers alike. The                                                                                                                           VermiPod™ solution addresses the                                                                                                                                   considerations of historically high costs of                                                                                                                     storing and transporting live earthworms,                                                                                                                       compounded by their high mortality rate when                                                                                                             introduced into foreign soils. VPI’s soil                                                                                                                             enrichment process is the most cost-effective and efficient method for replenishing micro-organisms and life-sustaining nutrients into the soil.  (Encapsulated Earthworm Cocoon™) to serve as a natural means of enriching the soil.

​​In 1991, the University of Illinois* came to the Kreitzer farm and preformed research to learn how many earthworms it would actually take to grow corps without the use of fertilizers. It was during this time that I began to develop the idea of planting earthworm cocoons (eggs) at the same time as the crop was being planted. This idea produced my first Patent on July 7, 1992, on one type of encapsulation method; US Patent 5,127,186. This particular method of encapsulation was not economically viable because of the high cost.* It was not until December 28, 2004, when I received my second Patent, US 6,834,614, “Method and Apparatus for Encapsulating, Implanting, and Reducing the Mortality Rate in Earthworm Cocoons” that it became economically feasible. I called these encapsulated cocoons VermiPods™. Now for the very first time, earthworm cocoons could be planted like ordinary seed, which was previously biologically impossible.  My third patent US 7,478,604 was issued on January 20, 2009.  A process and apparatus improves the fertility of soil, helps detoxify hazardous chemicals in the soil, and reduces erosion of the soil. The system provides implantation apparatus for injecting or implanting water and earthworm cocoons in the soil.

​On December 16, 2008 Barry M. Goldwater, Jr. became a vested interest holder in VermiPod, Inc.  In the Spring of 2009, Barry and I had the good fortune to meet Mike Hecomovich, a seasoned entrepreneur with a broad base of skills in general management, sales, marketing, customer service and business development. Mike is an exceptional leader, mentor and visionary who spearheaded the start-up and management of growth strategies and initiatives of nine different companies. Mike had just sold his company, Global Marketing Services, the exclusive sales and marketing organization that represented IBM Printing Supplies in North and South America, Europe, the Middle East and Africa and was looking for a new adventure. In August of 2009, Mike became a partner. We complement each other and represent the management of VermiPod Inc.

Why I believe that VermiPods™ Will Be Successful While Others Methods Of Inoculations Of Earthworms Have Not Been.

Live reintroduction is cost-prohibitive from storage, transportation, and application considerations. Low survivability rates are observed from previous live reintroduction experiments.  When live earthworms are placed on top of the ground or in the ground, they cannot immediately burrow into it, are exposed to the natural hostile environment, and most will not survive.

 When weather conditions are favorable, VermiPods™ that have been  placed in the ground should have approximately the same hatching rates as Dr. Todd Anderson of Texas Tech University** has documented.

VermiPod, Inc.