The picture on the right shows an earthworm cocoon with one baby earthworm inside.  It is almost ready to hatch.  Please go to the bottom of the University of Illinois Research* page to see one hatch.

I have spent over 20 plus years of my life making sure that anyone who purchased VermiPods, from VermiPod, Inc., received a viable product.  If you are ever in doubt, that your VermiPods are not viable, please write to me;  and let me know.

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Became VermiPod, LLC.  November 4, 2009, See Timeline.

I am sorry to say this is the second largest killer of Earthworms. 

You might think I would be saying the number one killer of Earthworms is Insecticides or Pesticides.  You would be wrong.  Although they do the most damage, the number one killer of Earthworms (believe it or not) is a fast freeze.

​A very important point must be pointed out here!  Many Earthworm cocoons can survive a fast freeze, but no amount of Earthworms will survive because of pesticides.

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